Why is it important to follow a workout program?

You know working out is important. If you do something when you feel motivated, you will never be consistent enough to see success you would like to.


If you workout often to feel better and to sweat but never follow a well designed program, you are doing ok. 


Did you know that by following a well designed workout program, you could workout actually less and get better results? 

Why is it important to follow a workout program

Here is why you should follow a workout program: 

  • Even if you are not lazy, your body is. It won’t do anything extra unless you push it to go over current limits. That is why you need to follow progressive overload principles. It means aiming to always do something more. Adding more weight, reps, sets or reducing rest.
  • If you change exercises every time you workout, you don’t give your body time to improve. 
  • If you never change exercises, you don’t give your body impulses to improve most optimal way
  • By following a well designed workout program, you train your whole body and follow the same workout program for 3-8 weeks trying to follow progressive overload principles. 

Good workout makes you feel better. 

You don’t need to be sweaty or have so much pain the next day that you can’t even walk. 


These both things might happen anyway but even not, your workout can be still effective. 

Why is it important to follow a workout program

What well designed workout programs include?

  • Strength training for your whole body (not just problem zone!!) 
  • Some kind of cardio (also walking counts!)
  • Stretching / mobility exercises


Depending on your schedule, you can do these separately or combine these elements to a single workout. 


How much should you workout?

It depends on your goals, training history and time you are ready to invest. Don´t fall to think that if I can’t do that much, I won’t do anything at all and will start when time is better. 

You can always do something. Even one exercise per day is better than nothing. 

When you are busy, accept the fact that working out is not your priority at that time. By keeping your habit, even doing one exercise per day, it is a lot easier to start doing more than starting all over. 


Instead to aim for faster results by doing more, try staying consistent by doing less than you think you would ideally do. 


This means that if you ideally workout 4 times in a week, 45 min per workout, aim for 3 x per week for the first month. Only after the first month, add more if you still feel like it.  You always have the possibility to do extra if you want.

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What is your why? 


You have your goals that you would like to achieve. We are living in a difficult situation and also you might use the current situation as an excuse to eat more and workout less. 


Think where you are right now. 


If in one year from today, you want to be in the same situation, keep doing what you are currently doing. 


If you want to change something, you must start to do something for it. What if COVID situation is getting only worse? Are you looking back in one year and say that I wish I would start working out from home when gyms were closed? 


We can’t know what will happen in future. Only thing you can do right now is to make it the best you can, in the current situation. 


Now, I want you to imagine that next year is the best possible year in your life. What would you need to get accomplished? What actions do you need to do regularly? 


When you feel unmotivated, because you will at some point. Think in the future when you are in that situation where you want to be. What advice would you give to yourself right now?


More you focus on the future, think how you will be able to use this situation for good and the less you think of it as an excuse, the better you will be.


You can´t change the past or current situation in the world. You must adapt and focus on how to make the best out of it. 


Think, what you need to do more to make 2021 the best year of your life? What do you need to do less that you have time to do things that matter the most? 


The most difficult thing is actually to find time to do deep thinking as we are all busy. If you are one of those people who actually do this thinking and create an action plan, 2021 will be the best year of your life. 


Regardless what happens in the world. 


Have a successful 2021 my friend. 


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