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Tired of repeating the same diet and exercise routine, but still not seeing the results you desire?

It’s time to break free from the frustrating cycle and believe in your capability to achieve your goals.

Stop feeling defeated by the struggle to lose weight and regain your confidence with a renewed approach to diet and exercise.

Say goodbye to feeling like it’s impossible to reach your desired outcomes and embrace a new, achievable mindset with a goal to help you succeed.


My goal is to make you believe in yourself and that you are capable of doing it.


The issue is that the internet is full of confusing information. 


Can you eat carbs and lose weight? Maybe you should try fasting? What is the best workout to lose fat? 


What if I told you that I have the answers for you, to get you to your goals you so badly want?


You can lose fat while eating carbs (if you enjoy carbs)


You can lose fat without starving yourself. 


Working with me will get you results you could never believe were possible. 

Let me show you how.

My name is Turo, I am an Online Trainer from Finland, living in beautiful South Tyrol, Italy.


I have been fortunate to be able to coach literally thousands of people from around the world just like you.

Not only to lose weight, but to also keep off.

To build a healthier relationship with food.

To make you stronger than you thought is possible.

To lose belly fat. 


These are all good results but here is the real benefit: 


“Your life will change”


You will learn how to stay consistent when you are facing the busiest times of your life. 


Working with me will get you results you could never believe were possible. 


You will do it 100% naturally, no pills, powders or any starving diets.


I want you to know that is possible and you will do it. 


Let me help you.

Before reading any further, did you meet my amazing clients


It’s important to read or listen to their stories so you know what kind of results are realistic. Here few short examples from Brigitte and Alex how they let me help them:

Brigitte from Italy, who tried everything but never had long term success with diets. She was able to finally reach her weight she had last time when she was 19 years old, and that in the late 50s. The best part was that during this time she was travelling a lot and never felt like being on a diet. Here is a picture about her sensational change.

Or like Alex, who never worked out in his life before my Online Training. He lost incredible 15 kilos in just 8 months. I think his picture speaks for itself.


How did they do it?

They created calorie deficit and learned from their nutrition. They were still eating chocolate and didn’t give up their favorite foods.

If you want to know how many calories and how much protein you need to lose or maintain current weight, here is a link to my calorie calculator. It is giving you a starting point how many calories and how much protein you should be eating. (Please use only full numbers like 162 and not 162.5) 


Now you know where to start. You might have questions like what foods I should be eating? How should I track my calories or what workouts I should be doing? How to stop sweet cravings?


As you are reading this, I assume you have been following my content for a while and you might already know the answers of some questions. 


But you want more individual help? 


You want to finally find something to stick to consistently, longer than a couple weeks and see ever lasting change?


Do you want someone on your side who has not only the knowledge and experience to help but is also caring about you more than you believe?


To give you a clear simple straight forward individualised workout and nutrition plan? 


Provide you different strategies how to improve your individual nutrition with foods you love?


Keeping you accountable, monitoring daily through workout and nutrition apps what you have been doing and checking in several times per week?


If you answered yes to any of those questions…

We might be a good fit to work together and become friends.


If you are ready to finally start seeing the results you deserve, change your daily habits to create a new lifestyle and feel comfortable in your body, fill the form out below. 

Let’s go!

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