How to lose weight at home

You have searched how to lose weight at home tried many things but you are still looking for the best plan. 

I will give you the best plan to lose weight at home. It is clear and after you have read this guide, you know exactly what to do, what foods you need to eat and when. All my secrets will finally help you to lose weight at home.

If you read every word of this article you’ll discover way more than the best plan to lose weight at home. You will be sure what to do and what it takes to finally lose weight.

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The Best Plan to lose weight at home

If you don’t know who I am, my name is Turo. That’s me in the picture below.

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I was an ice hockey professional for 10 years. To be honest,  I was never fitter and happier in life than now, years after retirement. I was thinking food is not important when you do a lot of sports,now I know how wrong I was. 

I have been fortunate to be able to help and motivate a few awesome people to change their life forever. Not only to lose weight, but to also keep that weight after. They were able to make permanent lifestyle changes and now live a happier life than ever before. 

Brigitte from Neumarkt, who tried everything but had never success with tens of diets. She was able to finally reach her weight she had last time when she was 19 years old, and that was in the late 50s. Here is a one picture about her incredible change.

how to lose weight sustainably

Or like Alex, who never worked out in his life before my Online Training. He lost an incredible 15 kilos in 8 months. His picture speaks for itself.

weight loss meals at home

I am showing you these awesome success stories, not to blow my own trumpet, but to show you what is possible. The best meal plan for weight loss is my ultimate guide to you. If you can use even a couple of these principles, I guarantee you are going to learn the truth about burning fat. 


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If you are ready to know secrets about the meal plan to lose weight at home, let’s start.

The Best Plan how to lose weight at home

Which Foods Should You Eat vs not to eat?

I am sure you have heard that you should eat more “good” foods and less “bad” foods. You hear that eating low carbs is the only option to lose weight. Leaving all sugar away. Eating natural products. To name a few. 

That is where most meal plans fail. 


Let me explain. 


“OMG, Turo you are crazy!?! I have read and heard that this food is not good!”

Weight loss, or fat loss as I like to call it, is an end result of how much energy you take in vs. how much energy you use. To lose fat, you need to burn more energy than you eat or drink. Create a calorie deficit. It works unfortunately also the opposite way, if you eat more than you burn you will gain weight. (a calorie surplus). Simple.

Everything you put in your mouth has a calorie count. Even the “healthiest” foods. Nuts, avocado and olive oil are healthy fats but they have a high amount of calories. Eating “healthy” doesn’t always mean that you will lose weight.

“I eat healthy but I can’t lose weight. “


“Do you know how many calories you are eating?”


 “No idea..”


Typical conversation with a client.


Remember that calories always count whether they come from fruits or burgers. Calorie is calorie. And if you eat too many you will gain weight.


It is possible to lose weight even eating only fast food until you stay in a calorie deficit. I am not recommending trying it. It is an example that eating healthy and eating for weight loss is not the same thing. Losing weight by eating fast food will  be harder because you will have more hunger but it is possible. It shows that there is no such a thing like “good” food or “bad” food. You should never avoid single food. Until your calories are under control, you can eat what you want. No single food will make you fat. 

How Many Calories Do I Need To Eat To Lose Weight?

This is the next question. Should it be 1200, 1500 or 2500? It depends on your goal, activity level, work and sleep. I set individual calories to my clients based on their habits and goals. It has worked well for my clients and I recommend you to do the same. Depending on your goals, the most common way is to create a sustainable calorie deficit. Once you know how many calories you need per day, you will create a calorie deficit. The most common deficit is -500 calories per day. If you are a small person and have not much fat to lose, I recommend to aim for a bit smaller deficit. If you have more fat to lose, you can go up until -1000 calories per day. When you decide how big your deficit should be, you should be able to imagine doing it in 5 years from now.  It doesn’t matter how fast you lose fat, more important is how you do it. Try different things and you will see how you feel. You can always adjust your calorie deficit. To get started, count how many calories you need and set your goal. You will find a free calorie calculator from the internet. 


Can I eat whatever I want to lose weight?

In theory the answer is yes. But I would not recommend it. 


There is not a single food you need to avoid but there are foods that will help you to lose weight. Not because there is some magic fat burning effect. But because they make fat loss easier by reducing hunger and making you feel satisfied. 


Managing your calories is the most important part. It doesn’t mean that you need to eat less to be able to lose weight. Or perfect. If you concentrate to follow 80/20 rule it will help you to enjoy life. It means that you eat 80% nutrient foods like fruits, vegetables, fish, fresh meat, complex carbs. 

This helps you to get enough vitamins and minerals.

Rest 20 % you can eat foods you enjoy. Whatever you like. If you want to eat cake, go for it. Until it is not more than 20% you have nothing to worry about and you can allow yourself to enjoy life.


What you have heard vs what actually works


Unfortunately there are many shocking headlines made to click an article. Nothing behind. I list here few what you might have heard:

  • You must eat fat burning foods
  • More you suffer, better results you will get
  • Copy your workouts and diets from celebrities
  • To start to lose fat, you need to make cleansing or detox and drink some other powders
  • Losing weight is only possible with low carb diet because of insulin
  • You need to find most trendy sport


What actually works but it is not so sexy:
  • Understanding nutrition and creating that to lifestyle what works for you
  • Do sports what you enjoy and want to do often and trying to stay active in everyday
  • Learn to eat when you are hungry, not eating for your feelings
  • Eat a lot of foods that makes you feel full like vegetables
  • Reduce carbs and/ or fats
  • DO NOT reduce proteins unless you eat more than 2,5g/Kg
  • To not lose weight from muscles, you should strength train


Best plan to lose weight at home:

Carbs make you fat?

For sure you have heard about it. It is not that simple. Like I explained above, no single food will make you fat. Not even carbs. It is true that we are eating mostly too many carbs which leads to eating too many calories. But you should not be scared of eating carbs. Carbs are a source of energy, if you cut your carbs, you will have less energy. You don’t have energy to workout with high quality. You are missing energy to perform your daily activities and ultimately you will burn less calories when you move less. 


Reason why you are able to lose weight faster when you reduce carbs is water. Your body is able to store 250-1000 grams of carbs in the form of glycogen. Every gram of carbs needs 3 grams of water. That is why your weight will go down quickly when you cut carbs and your glycogen store is empty.  You might lose up to 4 kilos of weight when your glycogen store is empty but that is not fat. It has nothing to do with fat loss. You just see a lower number on the scale when you have less water in your body. It is a reason why crash diets work so well in the beginning. Unfortunately it is not a matter of if you can stay motivated, it is a matter of time before you quit. Once you don’t have energy anymore, you will eat more carbs and gain weight you have lost. If not even more. 


Best plan to lose weight at home: 

Does eating late make you fat?

“I eat less in the evening and avoid carbs at night.” I hear this so often from my clients. In short, if that is working for you, and you don’t want to eat carbs or other foods late, it is a great thing to do. But there is no reason why to avoid eating late. It is all about the total calories you eat during the day. For someone who is preferring to eat more in the morning or at lunch, it makes sense to not overeat at night. If your calorie intake goal is 2000 calories, it doesn’t matter when you eat those calories. For fat loss you can even eat everything at one meal, in the middle of the night, if that is what you prefer. Obviously that is not probably the best way to do it. Just because you might have hunger the rest of the day and eating too much at one sitting is almost impossible for many. 

For fat loss, eating time is not important. It is more a question what you prefer. If you prefer to eat more late, you can do it until your total calories are under control. 


Best plan to lose weight at home:

Do I need to eat breakfast to lose weight and boost my metabolism?

Eating or skipping breakfast will not make you lose weight faster or slower. Eating breakfast won´t boost your metabolism or have some other benefits which are scientifically proven. 


My good friend Evelyn has got awesome results following intermittent fasting. Eating breakfast was never her thing and skipping it was an easy way to reduce calories and she had enough energy until lunch without eating breakfast. 


Martin instead loves breakfast and it is his most important meal of the day. He can’t imagine living without breakfast. 


Common with these examples is that they both lost a lot of fat and it is just a way to tell you that we are all different and it is possible to do either way.


Benefits of eating breakfast is that you might have more energy in the morning and especially if you eat less in the evening before, it will help you to feel more energized during the day. It also might help you to eat less on lunch or avoid snacking too much later in the morning. 


Choose the most sustainable way to you.


Best plan to lose weight at home: 

What should you focus on?


Why is it so important?

  • Protein is the most filling of all macronutrients, (better than carbs or fats) It helps you to feel less hungry for a longer time. 
  • Protein requires more calories to digest. It means that your body burns more calories to digest protein than it does for the same amount of carbs or fat. It is called the “thermic effect of food”. 
  • Protein is the only macronutrient that helps you to keep your muscle mass. That means that if you don’t want to lose your muscles, you should eat also during your diet a lot of protein. Depending on your goals, it should be around 1,5-2,5 g / kilo of your body weight. So if your weight is 70 kg, you should eat at least 105g proteins daily. Ideally 140g.
  • More protein you are able to eat, the easier your weight loss will be. Because when you eat more proteins, you will feel less hunger and most likely eat less other foods. 


If you want to read more about protein, I wrote these articles about protein:






Here some ideas from my Instagram account:

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High protein, less calorie foods


Workout for weight loss. Should I start with workout or nutrition?

If fat loss is your only goal, the most important thing is nutrition. If you can’t do both, diet and workouts, start with nutrition. The most effective way is to do both at the same time but if you must choose one, start with nutrition. 

It is a lot easier to create a calorie deficit with nutrition than with only working out. Later on you can add workouts. 


Do I need to count calories to lose weight?

You don’t need to count calories to lose weight. But regardless if you decide to count them or not, they always count. 

My friend Aaron did not count calories and lost an amazing 8 kilos in just 5 months. When we started working together he was drinking a lot of Cola and other drinks that had calories. He changed those with low calorie options. He also took more time while eating and stopped eating when he was feeling 80% full and later on ate more if he was still hungry. Earlier he was eating too big portions. He also changed some habits he had and started to eat more, high volume, low calorie options like Skyr Yogurt. 

My other friend Astrid lost an incredible 9 kilos in 6 months (from 69 to 60kg!!) by counting calories. Filling a nutrition diary helped her to realize what she was eating earlier had a high calories even though she thought she was eating healthy. When she started to eat more proteins and not be afraid of eating carbs, she not only lost weight but also started to feel better and more energised. 

These are just examples that show that it is definitely possible to lose weight either way.

If you want to read more how to start tracking calories, here is link to my article

How to track calories and macros

What is the best weight loss workout? Is fasted cardio better? 

For fat loss there is no such a thing like the best workout program. You should include some resistance training without forgetting cardio. From a fat loss perspective it doesn’t matter when you do your workout. It all comes to a calorie deficit and workout time is not one thing you should be worried about. More important is that you actually do your workout, consistently. I used to believe that working out with an empty stomach would be the most effective way to burn fat. It made sense that once my body wouldn’t have stored energy, it would take energy from my fat. 

I was wrong. 

When you workout with an empty stomach, your energy levels are low and the quality of your workout will be lower. You don’t have energy to perform a quality workout. During workout you will burn less calories and you won’t get all workout benefits. 

I recommend eating at least some small snacks, like an apple or banana before or during workout, if you have a long time before your last meal before working out.  

If you want to know what you should exactly do, I wrote this article : How to build your workout program where I explain everything and how much strength training and cardio you should be doing. 

Supplements for losing weight

Supplements are one thing you definitely don’t need to focus on when it comes to weight loss. Most effective supplement is actually placebo. It is funny how the human mind is working but there are many researches that show positive effects of placebo. If you feel that something is helping you, don´t leave it even if it is not scientifically proven to help you for your goals. You are getting at least a placebo effect 😉

Proven supplements that help you to lose weight:

  • Caffeine – It helps your endurance and boost your performance. It is not good for everybody and you should avoid it close to your sleeping time.
  • Whey protein – it might help you to get your proteins in calorie deficit when that is replacing other foods
  • D- Vitamin If you live in a country where you don’t get enough sun, you should consider taking D-vitamin supplements. It helps you to stay healthy and increase your performance. When you are healthy, you can workout more and better

When should you eat to lose weight?

You have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you should eat every 3 hours to keep metabolic on fire. That is the mistake where most meal plans fail. 


All that matters is how much you eat, not when you eat. Either you eat 6 times a day or 2 times a day, the time is not important. 




When you are able to burn more calories than you eat, you will lose weight. Simple.



It is not that complicated as you have thought. You can eat foods you love, whenever you want. Actually to be able to change your diet forever, you must find foods YOU really like and can imagine to eat also in 10 years from now. Everything else is just a matter of time when you will quit. 


All you need to focus is your calories and make sure that you are eating the right amount. 


Once calories are set, you should be focusing to eat enough proteins and adding many vegetables and fruits to your diet. Leave space to foods you really enjoy. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Just control how much you are eating those foods. 


Best meal plan to lose weight allows you to make consistent progress without eating and taking control of your life. 


The key is to eat foods you truly love and can eat without feeling like you are on diet.


That will make you stick to your plan longer and will bring you long term results.


Your life will be happier, healthier and you are able to enjoy it.   

If you want to read more, My friend Pete Cataldo wrote an exellent article: Best weight loss plan for beginners

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