I want to talk today about the best skill I learned few months ago. That is so great skill that I thought to share it with you today. What is this skill and how you can apply it to your life, no matter what you try to achieve in your life. Let´s talk about it.


I just had conversation with new client, first question what I got was:  How much sport I should do

“Turo what you think about how often I should workout? I am really motivated. 


“Cool. How much are you working out now?” I replied.


“Well, at the moment nothing but I want to get in shape for summer. I think I can make 4 workouts in week, one hour each”


“Do you think that is realistic for you, how often you worked out in past?”


“Hmm, I used to workout 4 times in week but I quit because I didn´t have time to do it”


I got answer what I was waiting for. Answer why most people fail after good start trying to reach their goal too fast.


Why it is then better to start with less and stick to your plan? You would reach your goals faster by doing more, right?



It doesn´t matter what you are trying to become better at, if you do the work only when you are motivated, then you will never be consistent enough to get there. Once you miss workout, you will feel that you have failed. But if you start and stick to your plan with less, you will be happier and more motivated to keep doing more. You have always possibility to do more , but just if you feel like it.


The ability to show up every day, stick to your plan, and do the work – especially when you don´t feel it – is so valuable that it is all you need to become better. And that is why it is so important to not to start with too much at once.


When you are not missing your workouts – you will get the best shape of your life. When you are taking pictures every day – with time you will become better photographer.


It´s simple and so powerful – but why it is so difficult?




Heading towards your goals – whatever they are – with right attitude isn´t easy. Actually it is painful.


The fact is that the most of the time we are inconsistent. We all have goals that we would like to achieve, dreams we want to make true. Problem is that if we do the work only the days when we are motivated or feel like to do it – we will never be consistent enough to achieve results we were looking for.


If you start creating new habit for yourself, I guarantee that there will be days that you will feel like quitting. Days that you don´t want to start or finish your workout. These are exactly days what makes difference between winner and loser.


Winners stick to plan, losers let life get in the way. Winners know importance of doing work and following plan what will benefit them for reaching goals, losers will find excuse of urgencies in life what are pulling them off track.




Being winner doesn´t mean you need to be perfect or workaholic. Actually it is opposite. Being winner, you must know what is important for you. Winners know that you have limited hours in day. By committing doing something they have discipline of doing it and most of all more important have ability to say NO for things that are not important to you. It is about starting when you feel like stopping, not because you want to work more but because your goal is important enough to you. Becoming winner is about making your priorities a reality.


Think your workouts, how often you did not feel starting or finishing. But did you ever regret after that you did it? I am sure you never regretted doing work what is important for you.


Being winner doesn´t mean that you need to do more. It means that you are good at making time for what matters to you. Especially in those days when you don´t feel like it. Winners are not choosing easy way out and blaming life what doesn´t allow you to do work.






Being winner is not easy, but it is not as hard as you think. These are my 3 steps how to start:

  1. Decide what you want to achieve and become good at


Goal is everything. Once you know what you want, it is a lot easier to get there. It might sound simple but in my experience even most smartest people don´t have a clear goal for what they are working for and why.


  1. Make a schedule for your actions


Once you know what you want, make a schedule for actually doing it. Make your schedule based on your actions, not results. I don´t want you to make same mistake I did and make a result based schedule for actions. Your goal should be for example doing 90 minutes of sport every week, not lose 1 kilo of weight in week. Losing one kilo weight in week is not action what you can perform. Doing 90 minutes of sport is action you can perform.


  1. Start with one week and stick to your plan


Don´t think how hard it will be to follow your plan for next months or year. Just start with this week. For next 7 days, don´t let anything disturb your plan.


Making a perfect plan doesn´t make you winner, following your plan does.


To be able to follow your plan, start slow, follow your plan for a week.


After 7 days, start all over again.

Weight Loss Coach