Foods for Jet Lag


Are you having problems to sleep after traveling? Either you work in shifts or you are traveling and having jet lag. You might consider pills to raise your Melatonin level.


Forget pills. You can get same amount of Melatonin from natural foods for Jet Lag


There is serious safety questions about the consequences of long term use of Melatonin supplements and it cannot be recommended.


Luckily Melatonin was found also in natural foods you can eat.



The best Melatonin- rich food for jet lag is Pistachio. You need to eat only 2 pistachio to get one portion of Melatonin.


2nd best natural food for jet lag is fresh cranberries what you need only 28 grams. You can mix it to smoothie or eat how you prefer. Dried cranberries nor cranberry juice don´t have any Melatonin left so make sure you have fresh berries.


Melatonin is found also in other fruits, meat or even in beer. Problem is that amount is really high or there is some other side effects. Like beer, you know that beer makes you tired, you got portion of Melatonin, problem is that alcohol what makes your quality of sleep worse. So beer is not probably the best choice.


Best most Melatonin rich meat tested was salmon. You would need to eat 90 kg of salmon at once to get physiological dose of Melatonin. Forget it.


Best grain is corn, although 1,4 kg is a lot. Mushrooms have 10 x more Melatonin than salmon but 900 grams is too much. You don´t want to consider these foods for jet lag.


The best natural source and food to treat Jet Lag or not regular sleep appears to be appropriately timed pistachios.


Thank you nutritionfacts.org for inspiration for this Blog text for the best foods for jet lag.


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