Today I want to share a quick story of my “overnight” success. I am not sharing it to boost my ego but because I think it can literally change your life. 


Past week has been crazy. My videos in TikTok have helped over 4 Million people within the past 7 days. Thousands of comments and almost 100k new followers. In 7 days!


If you are one of those who watched, commented or followed me and my videos, thank you so much for all your support! 


This is what I did and how it can also change your life. If you have been longer on my email list, I sent you exactly this email one year ago. I will share it here: 


I made a promise to myself 20 years ago.. I wanted to get a visible six pack! At that time it was important for me but I always had some excuses. Usually weekends or some good parties were more attractive than eating chicken and broccoli. Like you might guess, it never happened. Now I am ok with it and it is not important for me anymore. My goals are different. But I still regret that I didn’t do it 20 years ago. I should do it at least once..


This mail is not about a six pack.. It is about a promise you make to yourself.


Keeping your promises regardless of what is happening in life. And this has nothing to do with being perfect.. Or being motivated.. Or having the right time..


What is one thing you know you should start to do? Or what you always wanted to start but you never did? 


I want you to think about this. 


Write your promise on paper or in your phone notifications and tell someone what you will promise. You can reply to this mail and make a promise to me.


Why? When you say it or share it with someone, it will hold you accountable. Like my clients promise me that they do their workouts and I am here to hold them accountable. 


I want you to answer these questions below. And to make it fair and give you an idea how to do it, I will share my promise to you.


What will you promise?


-I promise to start posting my content to TikTok from Monday 22. June every day for next 30 days


Why is it important for you? 


  • It is a new platform where I can reach and help many people


Why do you have to do it now and not later?


  • Chances to get viral and be able to help more people in TikTok are right now a lot higher than any other platform. Later the change might be gone and if I don’t start now, will I start in a month? 


What could happen if you don’t do it now? Can you live with it in 5 years from now?


  • I could not forgive myself for missing the opportunity to do what I know I should be doing and when I see many others doing it now and being able to help many more people. 

What is the smallest thing you can do to take action? 


  • If I don’t know what to post, I make a post that I don’t know what to post or feel like not posting. It takes 30 seconds. 


How to stay motivated and actually do it?


  • I will block 15 -30 minutes time from my calendar every day to do it. This is not negotiable. It is like an important meeting at work. I will do it in the morning at 10.00.

What will I do if I miss a day? 


  • If that happens, I will post the next day 2 times. End of the week I must have at least 7 posts. 


These were the exact steps I took.


Success came overnight but it has nothing to do with luck. Hard work made it possible. It’s like a stonecutter hammering a rock 100 times and nothing happens. Then the 101st blow and magic happens. Same applies to fat loss or trying to reach your fitness goals. 


You can think how you can apply these things I did in your journey.


I started with one simple thing and committed for 30 days. I didn´t try to do all at once. 


I wanted to quit several times as nothing was working. But I didn´t.


It felt like I did so much but got so few results. But I kept going.


I did the work that I knew I needed to do when nobody was watching.


Luckily I invested in a coach and mentors who kept me accountable when I wanted to quit. They helped a lot more than I could imagine. After changing a few small things I saved so much time. It cost some money which I thought I should not spend. But without investing in myself, most likely I would not be that committed. Jordan Syatt, Mike Vacanti and several other people from whom I have learned. I can’t thank you enough.


Luckily my family and friends have supported me.


The 30 Day Challenge turned out to be almost a year now. It feels like this is only the beginning. 


It was the worst time to start but luckily I made a decision to do it. 


It was not easy but when I look back, it was worth every single struggle. 


I was able to help over 4 million people in one week. Holy shit! I can’t believe it.


I get the possibility to help people individually even more than just a few second videos through my Online Coaching. From New Zealand to the USA. Get new friends from the whole world. 


 I am just so thankful for this opportunity and your trust. I promise I will do everything I can to help you. 


What about you?


What do you really want? 


If now is not the right time, when will it be?


Who will hold you accountable when you feel like quitting? If it’s not me, then who?


Most people think that I will start when… life gets easier… is not that busy… They refuse to go deep and ask these questions I shared above. 


Trust me, the best time to start was yesterday. Second best time is today. 


Let’s do this!




P.S. If you are ready and think that I could help you, please go to my website and fill out an Online Coaching Application and let me guide you. Because I care about you and I know how to do it as I have helped over 1000 people like you to lose fat, get stronger, boost metabolism, stay motivated and get rid of pain.

This is not some quick fix or pill that you get success overnight. But if you want to workout smarter and you are not looking for some quick fix, this program is for you so you can make fat loss more enjoyable and lose weight while eating more foods you enjoy without feeling guilt.

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