First 10 days are passed in my experiment without sugar. I must commit that first days were not easy, there came so many situations every day when you eat without thinking sugar. When you drink coffee and get some small chocolate or biscuit…
I was doing this challenge also last year so I kind of knew what is waiting me. First days were not easy but it is getting easier every day. Apple is tasting lot sweeter than before and I was trying piece of dark chocolate (with 99%, no sugar) and even that was tasting good!! That is amazing how our “taste” is changing when you don’t eat any sweets.
After 10 days I start to feel difference in my body. A lot more energy, not feeling tired anymore afternoons, practicing is easier. I also lost already some weight..
What makes me really happy with this challenge is that I have got really many questions about it and I know many of you are making it also. I am proud about all of you!
There is many ways how you can do this challenge as added sugar is almost everywhere. What I am doing is just leaving all sweets, like chocolate, candies, biscuits, cakes and products where I know there is added sugar, away. I am still eating pasta and bread (maybe once in week). But it is up to you how “extreme “ you want to do it. Main thing is to try it, I can promise that it is worth of it!
Have a great day and stay motivated!

Weight Loss Coach