For many summer is too hot to workout or there was planned break for summertime. I hear often that tomorrow or next week I will start, but days are passing. It is also to me sometimes difficult to motivate myself to workout but I share you couple tricks how it is easier to start again. Often motivation comes alone when weather is not so hot anymore or routines start again after holidays. That is not always happening and here is couple tips:
– start with something easy and sport you really like. It can be walking, running, bicycling or some home workout, just something easy what you really like. For me after holiday it was 30 minutes running and some stretching after. After I felt great again! Most important is to remind your body and mind how good it feels after you have done something.
– Training with your friend or group. When you schedule your training with friend or group, it is harder to cancel as you go alone. Same time you can laugh and chat with friends and training is done. With same group it is getting funnier and your training becomes habit what you will also miss if you can’t participate. As trainer I can say that exactly this great spirit is already in many of my courses and I really can’t wait to start in September again!
– Focus on your goals and set some new goal. It can be running again after long time, one push up or pull up. You name it! Focus on one goal at time. Just one and nothing more. Sport never becomes boring when you set new goals and practice different things. Most important is that you like what you do, it can be easier or harder, up to you! Only thing what matters that you get more energy and feel good after! You decide how you want to transform your body and how to make it stronger.
– When problem is to find time, schedule your workouts. Make appointment in your calendar like some other important meeting. That is time for you and sport. It don’t have to be 2 hours, depending on your schedule, 15-20 minutes is also better than nothing and you will see some results after while.
If you have any questions related to this article or any other fitness related questions, I am more than happy to chat. Write me mail : turo.virta@hotmail.com
Talk to you soon,
Weight Loss Coach