The Fastest Way How To Lose Belly Fat


Are you searching for a fast way how to lose belly fat? I am going to tell you exact meals and exercises on how to do it in this article. 


Before we get started, I want to ask you what did you make you gain belly fat? Were you having a baby? Or were your eating habits not ideal? Were you working out? 


There might be several reasons for it but it all leads to one thing. You were in calorie surplus. Eating more calories than you need. Now it might be all stored as fat in your belly area. To understand how to reduce belly fat, I want to give you an opposite example. 


Think of the foods you are now eating. Do you have a particular food that your body always is storing as fat into your belly area? 


Let’s say you’re a woman and would like to get bigger boobs (store more fat in your chest area), could you do it by eating donuts and tell your body that I want to store extra energy to my boobs?


As you might already know, the answer is NO. The same applies when it comes to fat loss. 


You can’t spot reduce fat. You can’t decide where your body will lose fat. 


Problem Zones, like belly, is often the last place where your body is deciding to lose fat. It will eventually happen if you follow these steps I will tell you later and stay patient. 


Weight Loss is about Calories you eat vs Calories you burn


To lose fat, you must create a calorie deficit, which means eating (and drinking) less calories than your body needs. 


If you don’t know how many calories you need, there are many good calorie calculators available. Here is link to my Calorie Calculator (you need to scroll down a bit) https://personaltrainerturo.it/online-training-english/


These calculators give you an estimate of how many calories you are burning. They are only estimates and the only way to be sure about your calorie maintenance (you keep your current weight) is to try and see what happens. 


I highly recommend starting to track your calorie intake. If you are not sure how to do it, here is link to my Video 


If you are already tracking your calories and you should be in a calorie deficit but still not losing weight, the honest answer is that you are not in a calorie deficit. You might not track your calories accurately, or your burned calories are not correct. Here is a link to my Video about most common mistakes. 


Set a calorie goal you aim to eat and stay consistent for at least 30 days. After 30 days you can adjust the number depending on results and how you feel. If you have hunger and low energy, add more calories or try to eat more nutrient foods with higher volumes and less calories. 


Protein, Carbs and Fats for How To Lose Belly Fat

You don’t need or should eliminate some food group or single food for fat loss. For some people reducing carbs work very well but it is just one way to eat less calories. 


Protein is the most important macronutrient and often you actually need to eat more protein. It will help you to build and keep your current muscle mass and reduce hunger. 

Aim for at least 1,5g per kg body weight, ideally 2g per kg. Once you hit your calorie target and protein goal, rest is not affecting a lot for fat loss. You can eat carbs and fats how you prefer. 


Veggies and greens you can and should eat as much as you possibly can. Most of them have only around 15 kcal / 100g so they will only help you to stay full.


Nutrition is at least 70-80% of your fat loss results!


Workouts are important but you can never ever out train a bad diet. 


Because let’s say you are doing a really hard one hour workout and burn 500 calories. You can literally eat back those 500 calories in a minute. It is a lot easier to control your calorie intake than how many calories you burn when working out. 


The Best Workout How To Lose Belly Fat


You might be surprised when I say that it is walking and staying active throughout the day. 


It is the easiest way to burn more energy and be able to eat a bit more calories. I was shocked when I saw how many calories I burn when I raised my average step account with 6000 steps a day. While walking on average 8500 I needed 3300 kcal / day and when my activity level was 14,5k steps I needed 4300 kcal / day. 1000 kcal more / day when walking 6000 steps more. Your numbers might be different but hopefully this gives you an idea how important walking is. 


Training More Abs To Lose Belly Fat?


Abs are a muscle, like biceps. If you think that training more abs will help you to get a flat belly, I am sorry to say that it’s not a solution. You understand that when you train your biceps, they get stronger and might grow because of training. Same applies to your abs. Training abs will make them stronger and might help you to get visible abs. As a result of training you have bigger muscles but it won’t help you to lose fat from your belly. 


Cardio or Strength Training to Lose Belly Fat?


As you understand the principle of calories in and calories out, you might think that it is important to burn more calories (do more cardio) to lose fat. It is not that simple. 


Strength Training is actually more important for sustainable fat loss. When you have more lean muscle mass, your body needs more energy when you are not doing anything. It increases your metabolic rate (calorie maintenance level). 


Even during strength training, you won’t burn as many calories as when you are doing cardio, you are getting stronger and investing for future to be able to burn more calories later while resting. 


Instead when doing cardio, you get benefits right away but there are no long term benefits for fat loss by doing cardio. 


Strength Training is an investment for the future. It is the same thing when you are tempted to lower your calories too much when you want to see results faster. Often these low calorie diets end up miserable as you can´t keep eating too low calories for a long time. 


Make strength training and getting stronger for your main goal and do cardio, if you enjoy it. 


How Many Sets And Reps To Lose Belly Fat 

The most important thing is to have progressive overload. It means trying to always do something more. If you are using weights, try to add every week more weight, do more reps or reduce rest time. 

If you are using body weight or bands, slowing tempo and keeping your muscles longer under tension is a good way to do it. When using bands, try to choose harder bands. 


For sets and reps, don’t be scared to use heavy weights. You won’t get a bodybuilder body by accident. 

To get stronger, rep range 3-6 is ideal and you can do 3-5 sets. 

To build more muscles, rep range 6-12 works pretty well. 

To build more endurance, rep range with around 15 reps works very well. 




Do these 5 things To Lose Belly Fat


  • Start tracking your nutrition. The best way is to track your calories but if you feel like that is too much work, take a picture of all you are eating or write everything you put into your mouth to your notes. It will make you more aware of what you are currently eating.
  • Walk more. Aim for at least 8k steps, ideally 10k steps a day. Daily activity is the easiest way to increase burned calories.
  • Strength Train your whole body at least 2 times per week. It makes you stronger and raises your metabolism.
  • Create a sustainable calorie deficit and eat enough protein. Aim for at least 1,5g per kg bodyweight, ideally 2g per kg. Eating protein will help you to stay full longer and not lose your muscle mass when dieting.
  • Stay patient. Faster way is not a better way and often fat loss takes longer than you would like. At some point you will feel like you ruined everything. But the only way to fail is to give up. You can always get back on track and keep going.



What next?


If you want to start and learn exact steps on how to do it, I have two options for you. 

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Both are great options, it depends on your needs and the support you need which option is better for you.


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