Today I want to share idea how you will get long term success in your life. It is something that you might have never thought. If you have dreams you would like to fulfill, read this text very carefully.


You have a goal, it might be losing weight. Or maybe it is to having more money or healthier life. All these goals are outcome from doing some process longer time. You want to lose weight, you know that you need to eat healthier and do more sport. To have more money, you need to spend less than you earn. That is nothing new.


You already know process what you need to do to reach your goals but you are still not able to do it.


Problem is not you or your goals, it is your systems.


To reach long term success you must change your identity. Your beliefs, your self-image, your judgement about yourself and others.

That is where the most of the people go wrong.


They have a new goal and new plan, but they haven´t changed who they really are.


You may want better health, but if you continue to prioritize comfort over doing things, you will end up relaxing rather than training. It is almost impossible to change your habits if you never change your beliefs that led to your past behavior.


You might start new habit because of motivation, but only reason you will stick with it for longer time, is that it becomes part of your identity. Doing workout once or twice doesn´t make you athlete. Once you start to identify yourself being athletic, you don´t need to convince yourself to train.


Building new identity is not done by overnight. If you want be healthy person, next time when you face situation where you need to make decision what to do, ask yourself: What would healthy person do? Situations like, would healthy person go to work by car or by walking? Or when you are hungry, what would healthy person eat? This is way to start changing your identity. You must think the way like person you would like to become.


It don´t need to be perfect. You don´t need to choose always right. Think that it is like elections, to get selected, you need to get most votes. It is same thing with your decisions. When you get most of the time your decisions right, you will become person you always wanted. Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.


Becoming best version of yourself requires you to continuously edit your beliefs for what you are really believing. Once you believe that you can become person you want, you are on the way to change your identity.

Your daily habits matter because they can change your beliefs about yourself. Once you believe yourself being that person you wanted, you start to act like that person and repeating these habits.


Instead of being fixate to your numeric or visible goals, concentrate habits what the person that you want to become would do in every situation you are facing. Repeating these habits more often than not,  will lead to that outcome you wish.


I guarantee you will have long term success and results will follow up.



I explain in video below easy steps how you can really start doing something what you need to do. You know that you must start doing something but you leave it open and hope that you will remember to do it.


Weight Loss Coach