I was young hockey player, we had a nutrition specialist who came to talk us about healthy nutrition. That was 20 years ago, at time when there was no Google or cell phones with Internet. I must commit that I was not that interested in that time. That lesson helped to eat 75 kilos less sugar over years so I am thankful that we had that lesson.

You have also your daily habits like we all. They have become automatic habits what you are not even thinking. Like brushing teeth every day. I hope you do it every day without thinking about it.

You have many of these habits what you do daily even thinking about it. You eat maybe same breakfast every day. Drink always same drinks. Just to name few. You think that you must change completely everything to get results in long term. That is not true. It is all about small changes.

There was just one advice what I still remember from nutrition lesson. It was not to use sugar with coffee. I love coffee and drink 2-3 cups of coffee. 2 cups of filter coffee every morning and some macchiato later on. I used sugar and first I didn´t like it without. But I get used to it and now I could not imagine to drink coffee with sugar.

20 years after I look back. What if I would still drink my coffee with sugar. 5 grams of sugar for every cup. 10-15 grams every day. 40-60 calories less every day. In one year 4500 grams less sugar. Over 18000 calories less. One kilo of fat is around 7000 calories so that makes 2,5 kilos fat in one year.

In 20 years with that small change with my coffee I was able to eat 90 kilos less sugar. 360000 calories less. 50 kilos less of fat.

If you are able to walk 15 minutes every day extra, you will consume around 50 calories more in day. Same numbers than before but other way. Eating same way than before, just extra 15 minutes walking every day and end of the year you have 2,5 kilos less.

Think if you would be able to do both? Coffee without sugar and walking 15 minutes extra every day.

This is just example that you don´t need to be on starvation diet to lose 5 kg fat in one year.

What small change could you make? What is your sugar in coffee what you are thankful in 20 years? Let me know.

Weight Loss Coach