You have heard that glass of wine is healthy or one beer is great for recovery. Latest researches say even small amount of alcohol is not having any positive health benefits.


It is true that some researches show that people who are drinking small amount of alcohol are healthier than than people who are not drinking at all. There is some logic explanations. Many people who are not drinking at all alcohol are ex alcoholics or they have some other health issues to not drink at all. It is also possible that people who drink only little bit are bit wealthier. And wealthier people are normally investing also money more to their food, are more relaxed and enjoying life more what makes huge difference for health.

If you are able to enjoy life and being flexible, that will have huge benefits of your life quality. If you are really enjoying to drink small amounts of alcohol, these benefits are bigger for your health than damage that small amount of alcohol have.


There is no reason to say that you drink because it is healthy. To get possible positive health effects from red wine, you should drink it many liters per day, not just one glass! And you know what that would mean?

Effect of alcohol to your performance and sleep

Drinking a lot can affect quite long time to your performance. One night out when you drink 10 portions or more alcohol will reduce your explosive strength even 48 hours after drinking. At least part of that is because of lack of quality sleep.

Alcohol can sometimes help to fell of sleep better but latest researches show that already 1-3 portions of alcohol in evening is affecting negative for your sleep. More you drink, less recovering sleep you will get. You know that feeling when after night out you are tired whole next day even you were in bed for many hours. You are just missing recovering deep sleep.

Not only alcohol makes you tired, other reason is that usually you are drinking at night and staying awake longer than usually. Unregular daily rhythm is making effect even stronger. When you are drunk, tired or having hangover, risks for injuries are much higher. If you are injured or can´t practice optimal, it will obviously affect for your development.

How alcohol is affecting to fat loss?


Alcohol is behaving really selfish in your body. It is number one priority for your body to use as energy, if it is available. That is bad news if your goal is to burn fat. When your body needs energy, it will always use first alcohol over body fat.

Pure alcohol offers energy 7 Kcal in 1 gram of alcohol. One portion (Beer 0.33, Glass of wine etc) contains 10-15 grams of alcohol. More harm than pure alcohol is doing other content of alcoholic beverages. For example 4 aperol spritz (200ml) have already over 1000 Kcal what is more than 50% of daily energy needs of small person. Usually when you are drinking alcohol, you are most likely eating less healthier foods. Like when you drink just one aperitif but also some chips or other not so healthy foods.

If you are drinking constantly too much over long period, it affects many ways also to your muscles. Your muscle protein synthesis is getting slower. This is process of building muscles and it is essential for recovery and adaptation. Even small effect will become huge if it happens often for longer period of time.

Remember that you can ruin all your success with too much alcohol. Alcohol is selfish. It is number one priority for energy for your body. You might eat “perfect” but you are not seeing results you would like to see because your body is not able to use fat as energy or build muscle mass.

I am not saying that you should not drink at all. If you enjoy to drink once in a week something with your friends, do it without feeling bad! You should not feel bad or that you have ruined all your progress because of one or two beers. Stress can also affect your progress. You are allowed to enjoy life!

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