Team Practice
For teams and groups who want to have effective practices to get better results in their individual sport.
HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Effective work out in short time! This is right practice for you either your goal is losing weight or just get in or stay in shape. Come to try how effective practice can be in short time! This is practice method where everybody can practice at own level.
For example 30-40 seconds High intensity exercise will be following 15-20 seconds medium intensity exercise.

Back – Neck
Do you have problems with back or neck? Is your work one sided or mostly sitting in office? This group is for people who are suffering or want to avoid problems in the back, neck or shoulder area. Here you will learn how to exercise muscles what are supporting natural position stable and also increase mobility what is affecting pelvic posture management.
Belly – Legs – Butt
With this group we are concentrating for problem zones. Goal for this group is to get tighter and stronger muscles in problem zones.
Functional Training

Practice for whole body in a group. Practice is done without extra weights. This is funny and effective practice where everybody can practice at their own level.

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