At first food industry is with pharmaceutical industry one of the biggest and most profitable industries in the world. How and what we are eating are mostly guided by these industries. Industries need more effective ways to make more profit like in every business.
I take example on beef meat. When you go to Supermarket you find some nice offers. In same time products from your local farmer are costing a lot more. You may think why? It is obvious that cattle from local farmer had most likely happy and life without stress. Meat what you find in “great offer” at Supermarket most likely have been growing under a lot of stress and different environment than meat from local farmer. Bigger farmers need to grow their meat as fast as possible and local farmers are not working like that. To grow cattle fast as possible you need to give some antibiotics to maximize your profit. In the end those antibiotics end up in that customer who is buying that meat from Supermarket. In the end everybody is making profit with their business and just ways are different.
It all comes to circle, when you are eating lot industrial produced products you can be sure that you are also eating many antibiotics even you don´t know about it. Unfortunately those products have more side effects. It is not just “bad luck” that people who eat “bad” quality of food are more sick or have some other problems where you might need medication..
Everybody need to make their choice, you might save some money at that time when you find great offer from Supermarket but in long run it is worth to invest on your well-being by buying quality products. That way you save your money with medication and feel lot better!
In addition to eating quality food, little bit sport or more daily movement and you will feel great. Believe me, it is not that hard! You just need to try!

Weight Loss Coach