How to stay motivated to workout and lose weight?

Today I want to talk about how to stay motivated. Or better said about money and what it has to do with losing weight or reaching your fitness goals. There are so many free programs, all information is free on the Internet. You have to search and you will find everything you need.

But why is it so difficult to reach your goals? Why should you pay for something if everything you need to know is available for free?

For example, if you follow me or some other good coach on social media, you have all the information you need. The best coaches are in business to help as many people as they can. Some coaches are trying to make as much money as possible. More often those coaches who try to help as much as they can, will end up also making more money.

I tell you the secret, the more you invest money and time for yourself, the more success you will get. You might think that I would be stupid to invest money if I can find same information for free? I used to think that way too.

Quick Story. When I started as coach, I learned and tried to improve my systems. There were some new ideas coming. 10 new ideas a day. Next day another 10. I was full of ideas but ultimately nothing got done. Until I hired my first coach. I kind of started from the beginning and started to implement things I knew I should do. Piece by piece. I learned maybe one or two new things or ways to think. But that was all worth it. Eventually you get what you deserve but hiring a coach and investing yourself, will get you results faster. It is the best investment you can make. 

Why are the most successful people paying clients? The reason is that once you invest money you are more likely to actually do those things that you need to do.

Instead if you are doing something which is not costing anything, it is easy to quit.

You are valuing a lot more once you pay something for it.

It doesn’t need to be expensive. Once you have paid something you are more likely to take action and not give up. Because if you quit, you will lose money.

If you get a workout program for free, it is easy to quit after a week or say that it didn’t work.It was grab because it was free.

But if you buy the same program for 100 euros, you are more likely to do it. For at least a month that you have a chance to see actual results.

Another example , when you have borrowed a book from the library or got a book for free from your friend. How many times did you not finish or even start it?

How many books have you bought but did not even start? I assume not that many because you value it more when you have paid something.

You may not want to read it but if you pay even one euro for a book, you are more likely to read it. Or if you pay hundred euro for a book, for sure you will read it. In short, the more you pay, the more likely you are going to take action and value things you get. It doesn’t mean that most expensive is the best, it depends on how much money you have and how much you can invest. More it’s hurting you to invest, the more likely it is that you are actually going to do things you need to do.

Money is not only way to stay motivated

There are many other ways to stay motivated. Money is an example that everyone values. There are many other things that also matter. For someone it is enough to value their own health and wellbeing. It is enough to stay motivated and do things that matter. Unfortunately many people are starting to value their health when it is already late. You get a warning that now it is time to change something or…something worse will happen.

Avoiding pain might be enough to stay motivated to exercise for someone. If you have pain somewhere, most likely you could avoid doing something in the past. Back pain is the best example. You are sitting in office and you are not moving your body as much as you should.

For someone else is enough motivation to find love, new partner or get more sex. Look better and feel more confident.

These principles are the most common. The problem is that they are temporary. If your motivation was to remove pain, it worked with exercising and pain is gone. You are likely to forget and do less of those things when everything is going well. If finding a new partner was only motivation to workout, are you continuing when you have all you wanted?

Chances are high that you start to forget and get more “unmotivated”. In the short term you will have enough motivation.

How to stay motivated to workout and lose weight in long term?

In the long term what is working the best and always is money. You need to pay something (what doesn´t need to be much) . You will value it more, take more action, be more patient. Ultimately you will give your diet or workout program a real chance to work. We all would like to get results within a week. Truth is that all fast results are also gone fast. Shortly, it does matter how you lose weight and how you get in shape. Fastest way is not the best way. My most successful clients are giving themselves time. They have enough patience and they keep going. Even, and especially then, when it feels that it’s going too slow. Because that is the time that matters the most and what makes the difference.

If you want to read more practical tips how to stay motivated, read this my article: How to find workout motivation and time

What you can do next?

This is the reason why I have created my new online coaching. I could give it for free. Actually all information I have there is free somewhere on the internet if you search. I have put the most important pieces of information together, that you don’t need to do guesswork. It is clear and you know the exact steps you need to do.

It’s nothing new, nothing magical and it is not fancy. It won’t work if you are not willing to work. Stay motivated

It is simple and easy. But it works. If you follow all easy steps and do things I tell you. I guarantee you will have success.

The reason why I charge from this program is simple. Once you pay something ,you are more likely to actually do something. To take action and stay motivated through difficult times.

You get everything you need to know. How to plan workouts? What workouts should you do? How often should you do it?

I have created my best workouts for each level, based on time and equipment you have. It is easy to follow from my App and you don´t lose any time searching exercises.

You know what foods you should be eating, how much you should be eating. You don’t need to think or guess anymore. I have done work for you.

I am giving away my best tips and materials from my five year work as a personal trainer. These tips have helped hundreds of people. Not only to lose weight or get in shape fast. But to keep weight and build new sustainable habits for the rest of your life.

I could charge a lot more from these materials. It is actually worth a lot more than it’s actually costing. But my goal has always been to help as many people as possible. Not make as much money as I can and as easy as I can. That’s why I want to keep the price pretty low but not too low that you actually appreciate what you are getting. My only goal is that you are actually doing those things that you know you need to do to get success.

You might want to know what it is costing? It is costing only 40€ a month and if you decide to commit for 3 months, it will cost only 99€. That is a bit more than one Euro per day. This coaching is available in English and in German language. Yes I did everything in 2 languages.

You in?

Check this link below and make a decision you won’t regret.


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