How to eat slower? Simple ways how to eat less and how you can start to do it already today. 

Usually all challenges are about what you can’t do or can’t eat. 

This is different.  You can eat exactly the way you do now, you just focus on how you are eating instead of what you eat.


If you are like me, loving good food and eating often too much. Not only because you are hungry but because it is tasting so good.


OR you are eating too fast, before you recognize the plate is empty and after you are almost too full and feeling tired.


What I am telling you, is so basic advice that for sure you have heard about it. 


Eat slowly and mindfully.


I know, it sounds stupid and too simple to actually work.


If you don’t want to be on a restrictive diet or count calories all the time, this is a really easy challenge to do. And it works. So why not try this for 30 days.

I will be trying this myself and challenge you to join me.


How to eat slower?

How you eat actually might be more important than 


What you eat

When you eat

How to be “perfect”


There is no need to say that if you eat only cookies, the speed at which you are eating them isn’t your biggest problem


But if you eat kind of healthy and your diet is not extremely bad, slow eating could be the most powerful habit to get huge results.


Instead of having to figure out which foods to eat, how often and how much — all important factors, of course — eating slowly is the simplest way anyone can start losing weight and feeling better, immediately. (Like, after your first slow-eaten meal.)


Why should you start with complicated and hard diets when you could start to get incredible results easier?


Slow eating is a secret weight loss tool and everyone has access to it but so less are using it.


There are many studies which show that you actually eat less if you eat slowly. Probably you know it but you can try this experiment right now if you like. Compare how much you eat if you eat as fast as possible or eat slowly and put a fork down after every bite.


Why does this happen?


It takes about 15-20 minutes for your body to send signals that you actually had enough. 

Slow eating gives the system time to work and you have a better idea when you actually have enough.


Another key point is psychology. When you eat slowly and try really to enjoy your meal, it is likely that you feel satisfied with less and do not feel needy for more food.


Look and feel better


If you have any digestive issues like stomach pain, cramps or “balloon belly” after eating, slow eating might be a solution for you.


How to eat slower?

Why does speed matter?


Faster you eat,the less time you have to chew and you take larger bites.

Your stomach has a hard time to mash these big pieces and digest food you just ate. 

It can cause indigestion and as a result your body is not able to absorb all nutrients from food.


LEARN WHAT “hungry” and “full” feel like.


Did you ever eat because it is a certain time of the day when you are supposed to eat even if you are not particularly hungry?


Or did you clean your plate even if you are pretty sure you will regret it?


There are some other examples too but I recognized myself in those. The point is that many of us are eating when we are not hungry and keep eating when you are full.


Feeling hungry is not an emergency, you might feel hungry just before your normal lunch time but if for some reason you can’t eat, later you will realize that you don’t have hunger anymore. 


If you see yourself eating all rest


It is like the difference between being on a diet and learning how to listen to your body. 


IF YOU CAN’T ALWAYS CONTROL WHAT FOODS YOU CAN EAT, this tool you can use always


You might be eating in a restaurant or somewhere where you can´t control foods available, But you can always control how quickly you chew and swallow.


It is a method you can always use, no matter your situation or place you are. No matter if you are on holiday or parties, what you have on your plate, you can practice eating slowly.


How to eat slower


It is simple and effective but not easy to do.

You really need to work at it.


You don’t need to be perfect. Try to get a bit better instead. You will be surprised how helpful it will be.


Try one of the following steps: you can try it with just one meal, or join me for a 30-day challenge if you feel like it.


Tips how to eat slower

Add just one minute.

  • I know you are busy and taking long meal breaks can feel impossible. So start small, add just one minute per meal. 
  • When you start meal, start the clock
  • The game is to try to eat as long as you can. Then next time try to make your next meal last one minute longer

It doesn’t have to be perfect, if you forget to slow down during one meal, no problem. Slow down again next time and notice what is happening. 

Remember that even one minute better can help you!



Take just one breath before you eat. Take one bite. Then take another breath. Take another bite. Then take another breath. One bite. One breath. 


That is it.


Eat only with minimal distractions

Next level is to stop eating when you are driving, watching TV, playing on your phone or walking. Under no circumstances when you are standing in front of the fridge or over the sink!

The whole point is to try to relax and experience your meal. You are paying attention to your mind and body. 

For the next 30 days, do your best to eat by sitting at a table (not on your living room couch!) with minimal distractions.


Eat food you MUST chew

Try this experiment, eat a food like a carrot or an apple slice and count how many chews it takes to swallow a mouthful. Then eat a highly processed snack like a cookie or a cracker and count your chews.

What is easier to eat slowly?

It is time to act! Minimal processed foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains require more time and effort to chew. More you have to chew, the longer you will need to eat and you have a chance to get signals of fullness.


Do Something between bites

Taking more time can be easier when you have a specific action between bites. You can try after every bite:

  • Put your fork down
  • Take a breath
  • Drink a bit water
  • Talk to someone at the table
  • Count your chews and aim for 20-30 chews


Enjoy your food

Think eating like “wine tasting” Is it salty or sweet?  What flavours can you taste? 

Consider these details with every single bite.


Notice things that affects your eating speed

When you make this experience, try to identify what affects your eating speed or focus.

Take a look:

  • When you eat
  • Who you eat with
  • What you eat
  • Where you eat

After ask yourself:

What could I change, what is not working well?

How could I improve things that are already working well?


Pay attention to eating speed of people around you

If you eat in a group, look at who is the slowest person and try to match with that speed. Eating is not a race and you don’t need to be first done.

If you find yourself eating fast, this might be really hard to practice. But that is ok. Take small steps and do not give up after one failure. It takes some time to build new habits.


Remember, every meal is a chance to practice!!


If you are able to do this challenge for 30 days, I guarantee you will see results like that pants are fitting better, tiredness is gone, no more stomach pain. You might already feel a mental change for your way of thinking while you are eating or how you react to feeling hungry or full.

You might think what could happen if I continue this habit forever?


It could literally be the only thing you ever need to do to get results you have always wanted.

How to eat slower – Challenge

If you are willing to start this challenge, share it with your friends, family or co-workers. It could be exactly what they need and you could help them. 

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