Criticism is something you will always face in your life. You can’t remove it whatever you are doing, somebody will always doubt or be jealous about you. If you let that criticism affect you, you are holding yourself back and let your critizesers to win. How you can actually then use it as power? I want share today my tips and personal experiences how I deal with criticism.

When you are starting something, you will have doubters who will tell you that you can’t make it. It can be even someone really close to you like someone from your family. If you turn that to motivation, that you will prove your doubters wrong, you have found great resource of motivation.

When I started 3.5 years ago as Personal Trainer and doing group courses, I was told from my friends that it will be really hard here in South Tyrol, you are stranger who is not speaking perfect languages and that there is already so many group courses for every body that it will not work out.

I must admit that I was worried and doubting myself. Am I able to do it? Am I good enough?

I decided to start and work hard. I didn’t listen or care about criticism, I wanted to prove them all wrong.

Once you have started, you will face criticism on the way. You need to be selfish in some points, you know what you need to do to achieve your goals, what kind of support you will need on the way to your goals. To reach your goals, you may require investing money on yourself what will not be easy decision and if you either don’t have it or your partner doesn’t support you, it is a hard choice.


I knew that to reach my goals, I had to invest on myself. It was not easy decision but it needed to be done. I could learn all alone but it would take so much longer so I took some courses and hired some great coaches who are teaching, supporting and keeping me motivated on my way. I am not even close yet there where I want but I am on my way. Investing money on myself is the best invest I have made.


I am fortunate to have supporting wife and family but maybe sometimes even your loved ones are not understanding everything you are doing, they are criticizing you and asking that what are you doing. Don’t let that affect you, you know best what you need to do to reach your goals.


Like one of my clients told me that her friends were criticizing her when she was drinking just one glass of wine when she was going out with them. After she lost with hard work and consistency over 10 kilos those same friends were jealous and asked how she did it.


Once you achieve some sort of success, you will get haters or people who are jealous about you and what you have achieved.


Overall you will always face some criticism. Before you start, on your way and after you got some success. You need to learn how to process it.


There is obviously also constructive criticism what you should not avoid. All criticism is not bad but you should not be constantly worried about what other people say about you. You know the best what is good for you and what you need to do in order to reach your goals.


Use criticism as a positive motivation, not something what is holding you back.


You are stronger than your doubters.

Weight Loss Coach