After the menopause, did you gain some kilos what you can’t lose anymore like earlier? 


Maybe you have done good career in working life and you are having challenging job now, it means that your work can be stressful and time-consuming. And that makes losing weight even harder and you might have gained some weight what is not going away like it used to. If you are not in great physical shape, your energy is low, both in work and free time.  It is a circle of hell. Getting out from this circle requires motivation.


When menopause begins and the estrogen hormone decreases, you start to see more and more fat around your waist. Maybe it started to go in this direction already at the age of 40. The belly fat is more harmful to fifty years old than to a 30-year-old. The belly fat is persistent at this age. And at the same time, food is an even more important source of enjoyment..


There is also fat around the internal organs, this is called visceral fat. Even if you don’t see the difference in your weight, you can gain visceral fat. Working out reduces this fat and also the risk of type 2 diabetes. If you are working out, your fat is in different places what is not so dangerous. 


Weight does not tell the whole truth about health. If two people with different lifestyles gain weight five kilos,the one who is active will gain less fat on her waist and is healthier than the one who doesn’t do sports.


At the age of 50, moving and strengthening your muscles should be part of your lifestyle. Unfortunately, nature is not on your side because you start naturally lose muscle mass.


You could be seeing more often yo-yo effect what is completely normal. It is nothing to be worried but it makes motivation even harder if you just look scale.


On the other hand, it is not worth stressing because of a couple of kilos. It can even be good for your bones to have few kilos more. Weight also strengthens muscles and bones. Very thin women are more prone to osteoporosis.

My tips for + 50 YEARS 

  1. Make sport part of your lifestyle. Work out muscle strength, go for walking or swimming. Move a lot daily. Take care of rest and sleep.


  1. Try to get the shape of your life, but without hurry. It is never too late to change your lifestyle. The better your physical condition, the healthier you live.


  1. Identify the risks of overweight. Weight management is really good for health, not just for looking better. Weight management is not dieting.


  1. A plant-oriented diet without forgetting enough protein is the smartest choice.


  1. At the age of over 50, you should not take crash diets, they will no longer work the same way as you were younger. Ask an expert for advice for long term success.
Weight Loss Coach