I am getting often questions when is the best time to practice if I want to lose some weight. Only right answer is whenever you have time and you feel great. If you are interested about losing some fat, there is no big secret. You need to consume more energy as you are taking in. One kilo fat is around 7000-9000 calories.
Earlier it was common to say that you need to run with low intensity and long time to lose fat and that body start to lose fat after 45 minutes. That was told also to me but that is not the truth.
Carbs are giving you energy to practice and for all movements. I take example how our body is working and how it is handling carbs. You eat 2 hours before practice carbs, depending on quality of carbs your body needs 30-90 minutes that it you can use this as energy. Better quality carbs you eat, longer it takes that you can use this energy. When you are eating better quality carbs, it takes longer that energy is available, so you have more energy to make your workout with high quality. When you are drinking only water during workout you are not giving any more energy to your body. Your body will use that energy during practice and after when there is no more energy available, your body start to use fat as energy. This phase is starting during practice or after practice depending length and intensity of practice.
If you are waiting one hour after your workout before you give energy to your body, you are going to after burning phase. That is situation when there is no energy available in your energy deposits and your body is forced to use fat deposits as energy. You are laying in couch and same time your body is burning fat! How great is that!
I heard many times from my clients after HIIT or Trampoline training that they had all the time hunger. This is exactly that phase when your energy reserves are empty and your body is using fat as energy. If you can wait one hour after practice before giving more energy to your body, you are burning fat after practice!
3 things that you should take care about if you are interested to lose fat:
1. Eat complex carbs with good quality
2. Eat right amount
3. Eat on right time

Weight Loss Coach