I will start tomorrow when..

When you look back 6 months or a couple years, do you remember situations where you would do different things? You say, I wish I would play more with my kids when I had time.. If I would just workout when the opportunity was there.. You keep saying I will start tomorrow.. day after day..


Listen how you speak to yourself, are you saying, I will start eating better when the situation (stress in work or corona ) is again normal.. Or something else what starts with I will … when…

How Elisabeth lost 10 kg

I want to tell you a short story about my friend Elisabeth. She is 50+ years office worker, amazing personality, I am lucky to get to know. 6 months ago, in the middle of first lock down she decided to start doing something for herself when she had more time. She was insecure about incomes and how everything would affect her but she also knew through her many trials and errors with different diets and programs that she needed someone to help her. She never stayed consistent or had a plan how to get from A to B. She did try many diets but they all ended up after successful start to regaining everything she lost. It was a difficult situation to hire someone to help in the middle of a crisis but inside of her, she knew it was a step she had to do to stay consistent. 


When we first talked, she actually wanted to start only working out from home as she was worried about the corona situation and wanted to have an effective plan. She thought workouts were missing part of her goal to lose 10kg. She said that she knew what she should do with her nutrition and that she is eating healthy and buying always only quality products. 

Her initial thought to track her food was that she doesn’t need to do as she is eating healthy and she is not very good with technology. Weighing food and writing down everything you eat felt impossible and too much work.

She made the decision to try something scary and uncomfortable. She started tracking food. 


Fast 6 months forward when we talked the other day, she said that was the best decision she has made when trying so many different diets. 

Even it took time and was hard to learn in the beginning, now it has become automation and she needs no longer than 5min per day. 

She lost almost 10kg, and is wearing 2 size smaller clothes. The best part was buying a new swimsuit. Experience that was always a real pain was suddenly a relief when she could choose the one she actually wanted and not have to take the one that didn’t look that bad.. 

I will start tomorrow

How did she then get these results? She made a commitment to workout 2 hours per week. Some months it was 3x 40 minutes, some months 4 x 30minutes. 

After a slow start she started to get results. Getting stronger, having more energy and also clothes started to feel better. Scale started to move a lot slower than she would like.. But she kept taking action.


Even though she has done almost all workouts, she is still saying the biggest change has been nutrition. That’s interesting as she was eating healthy already before. 


Here is what she learned through tracking her food:

  • – She understood that even healthiest foods have calories
  • – She was more aware of what she is eating
  • – She knew what is healthy and what not but she was shocked how many calories she was eating “when she was not even hungry”
  • – She started to focus eating more proteins, instead restricting carbs or some single foods
  • – Seeing how many calories her favorite sweets had, made her eating less those foods


Like she is saying now, she never felt being on a diet. She is just more aware of what she is eating. Made tiny changes, one at time. 

These all led to huge change. 


Results she never thought would be possible. Lost almost 10kg.. 2 size smaller clothes. From the pictures you see an amazing difference. She doesn’t want to publish those and to be honest even that might motivate someone, for many it would create unrealistic expectations. We are all different and you should never compare your journey with someone else. 

I will start tomorrow.. What You Can Do Today

Now, let’s get back to you. 

Are you telling yourself that I will start when … gyms are reopening .. when I can participate in group training .. when everything is normal again .. when I have more time ..


If you already didn’t know, the perfect time will never come. Situation with Corona will never get back like it was before. It might get better but we can’t know when. What if that is in 3 years? 

Imagine how are you talking to yourself in that time? I wish I would do home workouts when I had more time, now I don´t have time anymore.. I wish I would start to learn new hobbies or skills that I was always dreaming of.. 


Here is what to do:

Take a paper and pen and sit down. You can do 10 burpees or jumping jacks before if you want to feel fresher. You can listen to your favorite music if you want. But take some time and sit down with pen and paper. 

Write down everything you want to achieve. 


Why do you want to achieve that? How will your life be better? How would you feel today if you already achieved that?


What is the worst possible thing that could happen if it’s not working and you fail? Can you live with that?


What is the most important thing you want to achieve?


Instead thinking I will start tomorrow, ask yourself, what you can do today to start taking action? One simple thing.


For example if you want to workout more but don’t have 30 minutes time, ask yourself, can I do 10 minutes? If your answer is still no, go back to why you want to achieve that. It is not important enough to you right now. 


Make a plan. What is the smallest single step you can take every day? 

I will start tomorrow.. when I am more motivated

Once you start to take consistent action, you start to see results. And you don’t need to worry or wait if you are getting motivated. 😉


Like for Elisabeth, she knew working out was important and one thing she needed to do. The difference for everything was an uncomfortable decision to start counting calories. It could go wrong and she would lose some time. But she was ok with that as for her, she tried so many things and she knew that life is not a race. It is a journey she wants to enjoy while chasing her goals. 


You just never know what will happen. 

If you need any help or have any questions, let me help you. Send me mail to turo@fitmitturo.com and let me know what you are struggling.

Weight Loss Coach