Today I want to write about stress. Everybody is talking about how they are stressed, a lot of work, Christmas coming etc. Stress is one really big factor for our happiness, one of the biggest reasons for example why losing weight is not always working. When your mind is under stress, your body is not working always how it should. No more time to make workout what affects that we have less “happiness “ hormones like dopamine, endorphins and serotonin available. Those are hormones what are making us feel GREAT after sport if you didn’t know. No time for sport, no production of happiness hormones, we end up not feeling great. All affects to all.
Why we are stressed?
Nowadays seems that stress is in mode. When I speak with people, I hear almost always that I have a lot of stress or I am too busy now. It really hit me when I was wishing happy 97th birthday to my wife’s grandpa. He told me that he was stressed because so many people were visiting him in that day. Well, I hope that it was just one day.
Stress is also how we take it. I heard a person who is already years in pension (in Italy was possible to get to pension at age of 40!) complained about stress because she had to go to walk with her dog 2 times in same day and had too cook for lunch. In same time someone who loves his job, is working 14 hours in day but is not stressed, he is used to work a lot and loves what he is doing. I prefer not using a word stress. There might be busy days, but in the end I love what I am doing so I am not stressed. I hope I will never be stressed, being busy sometimes is ok.
Is it worth to be stressed?
What makes you happy? What is first thing you were thinking? More money? Better job? Family? Your loved ones?
Does new bigger car make you happy? Maybe new watch? They might make you happy for while until you want something else you don´t have yet. You will never have enough. You will be always wanting something more or bigger.
Would you be happier to spend more time with your loved ones? That can be playing with your children, watching tv with your partner or spending time with your family. Those things are free, they cost only our valuable time. Time is most valuable thing we have in life. Up to you how you decide to spend it. Are you chasing more material things what makes you temporarily happy until you want something more? Or are you able to enjoy time and life with your loved ones?
Are you that stressed that you don´t find time for yourself and making something for your well-being? These decisions you must make now but I hope you make right decisions. Investing hour or two in week for yourself will affect your well being lot more than you think. You are happier, you can spend your time with your loved ones healthy and being happy. If you are not able to find that time now, maybe later you will be forced to take that time when you are sick or not feeling good. Taking time for yourself and your loved ones is most valuable investment we can make. But we are different, most important thing is to do things that makes you happy and what are you absolutely loving to do. Sometimes you need to make hard decisions but it is worth of it. That is up to you how you decide to spend your valuable time.
How to find time to be less stressed and spend time with your loved ones?
Look your schedule, is there some moments that you could spend different? Maybe replacing not so important things for those which matter more for your well-being? Or maybe book from your calendar time for yourself and your loved ones. That can be weekly workout or even just evening in sofa and watching tv with your loved ones, important is that you are doing things you enjoy. Try to be present that time you are spending with your loved ones, without watching phone all the time or thinking work or something else. I am struggling also in that part. But I am trying to get better, I hope you too.
Christmas is coming, is time to relax, forget stress and spend time with your loved ones. Let´s make best of it and forget all stress and worries at least for couple days.
I wish you Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

Weight Loss Coach