If you are only looking at scale when your goal is to lose weight, you have a big change to get frustrated before you even see any success. So forget scale. For real.

  1. How is your energy? Do you remember last time when you didn’t feel exhausted or feel like lacking sleep? Maybe it is only your diet what is causing your tiredness.. If you eat too many processed foods and sugar, you are not getting enough vitamins, minerals and other necessary nutrients.

How you measure progress? One morning you wake up before alarm and feel actually happy and well rested. At afternoon you find yourself alert and focused, not tired anymore and almost falling asleep. If you start to eat real food, you will find yourself having more energy before you see difference in scale.


  1. New habits. Are you working you regularly? Are you looking more what you are eating? Those are all new habits, you don´t need to change all at once. Small steps, one new habit at time and in the end you have created new, healthier lifestyle for you.


  1. Are you making progress with your workouts? When you make same workout than before, is it getting easier or can you put more weight? Don´t forget that we all need to start from zero. Even strongest persons in the world have went to gym and they were weak at very first time. It was only hard work what they did to get stronger. They didn´t born strong. So don´t compare your level with somebody else. Make it your own way.

You feel your progress when you are walking more than before without getting tired, going up with scales without problems. You don´t have pain anymore. That is all progress, be happy!


  1. Have you ever felt hungry after an hour or two later you were eating fast food? That for sure happened to me! That is because processed food is high of fats and salt, lacking important nutrients that are important to our body.

When you are eating fresh and real foods like vegetables, fruits, berries, complex carbs and protein , they help you to get enough necessary nutrients and most importantly help you to feel satisfied. You don´t need to be perfect, when you eat 80% fresh and real food, rest 20 % can be whatever you like leaving space for enjoy life.


  1. We all have that one article of clothing in our closet somewhere behind.. you know what I mean! The one that almost never fits.. But after few weeks or months of working out, WOW, it actually fits and you feel great wearing it again!

Why is that happening? Muscles weight more than fat, this means that you have built lean muscle mass, lost same time already lot of fat through working out and eating better and actually your weight haven´t changed a lot. It could be even higher than when you started. Most important is that your body fat decreases and that you will see first by your clothes or measuring circumstance.

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Weight Loss Coach