Personal Training

What is personal training?

Personal training, or a personal coaching, includes many things related to health, well-being and physical fitness.
Personal trainer is useful for people just starting sport activities, active fitness enthusiasts as the top athletes, regardless of age and gender. To summarize: the personal trainer is useful for EVERYONE.
With a personal coach in the beginning is physical activity safe. He is instructing you for the different types of sport activities and teaching the proper movements and techniques. In this case you will avoid any possible injuries and you are not wasting many hours on your own.
In addition of weight loss and weight management I can make nutrition plan, which is easy to follow and the results can be permanent, unlike fast diets.
Nutrition program can be made also for supporting growing muscles. For each starting position and personal target will be selected the most optimal way to reach target.

Active people and top athletes can maximize the benefits of practicing with the assistance of a personal trainer. In many cases, for those who are practicing without a plan results will be greatly improved when workout is better planned, without increasing spending time to training. Taking care about correct recovery and efficient practice time with good planned program you can safe time for other important things in life and your development still remains at the same level.

Personal trainer is considering your particular needs and your goals and will help you reach your goals! He will not do wonders and will not work for you, but he will give the route and way to reach better tomorrow. Personal trainer will help you up when you fall and support you when you need!

To who?

Would you like to feel better than now?
Are you already tired in afternoon and can’t concentrate anymore well?
Would you like to play with your children/grandchildren with great energy?
Do you need to get motivation to make sport again?
Would you like to get better results in your sport without spending more time with more efficient practice?
Did you got few extra kilos and own skills and motivation won’t help to get rid of those?
Did your previous diets end without results or did you get your lost weight fast back after diet?

Is going to fitness studio alone too hard?
You are not sure how to practice efficient and safe?
Do you want to fit in your dream dress or clothes?

If you answer YES at least for ONE question, a personal trainer is useful for YOU.

Things are not changing just with dreaming. I am willing to show the road and support you to reach your goals.

Personal training will be individual for every client needs and it can be made in your home, in public, gym or wherever you want.
Don’t hesitate to contact me, step by step I will help you to reach your goal.

ACHIEVE your goal with a Personal Trainer!

First interview where you have chance to get know me and talking about your goals, background and needs is for FREE! Don´t hesitate to contact me and start changing your life today!

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