Nutritional coaching (Weight control, to lose weight, how to eat correct)
I am offering my services for private persons and for companies.

Weight control – Most of the people think controlling weight is same than losing weight, what is not always correct. Depending days your bodyweight can be very different due what you have been eating and drinking past days. Healthy nutrition, correct ecxercise and unstressed lifestyle will help you to control your weight.
It’s important to know how to control your weight before you get too much overweight because it can cause health problems such as diabetes, heart problems, stress etc. Controlling weight is helping you to avoid those problems, helps you feel good about yourself and gives you more energy to enjoy life.

To lose weight – Weight loss is generally thought is same than being on a diet. To lose weight you don’t need to be on a diet, you just have to know what and when to eat. Diet is usually done in a short period of time. Unfortunately weight comes back quickly when the diet is over and usually even more than starting weight. Fast weight loss is also unhealthy to your body. If you do a very simple diet and just eat too less it can even damage your body and you most likely you will not feel better after diet. Overweight can cause problems like diseases, tiredness, stress, depression, etc. By having an ideal weight you will live longer, you will have more energy, you can take part in activities you want, you will look good outside and feel good inside.

I am helping you to achieve permanent life change and healthier life style. I am providing personalized, individual and flexible program for your needs

How to eat correct?

Nowadays science has developed so fast and there is much information available. What is then best way? There is no correct answer.

With me together I can help to find best way for your individual needs to eat correct. If you feel tired, exhausted or unhappy, healthy eating is key to start change. Eating healthy is not giving up on something from your life. It is more opportunity to start changing life. To eat healthy is not being on diet or starving, it is just correct choices in every day. I will help you to find best and suitable way for you from all information there is available like what, when and how much.

I will give you tools, education and my support to help you to find balance in your life and to feel better every day. With my personalized plan you will surely succeed to change your life healthier.


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