Fit For Work


“Fit empoyees are doing more“

Private lessons / training in your company for your employees with personal trainer:
Good morning training : awaken body and mind for the new working day
Lunch training : Effective training over the lunch break

Test and / or body measurement at the beginning and at the end

FitMitTuro app for every employee

Online training with discount for every employee

Running together route of company run before race day

Participation for ongoing group courses

Seminars in your company : running for beginners (basic technique, training programs, muscle training and stretching)
Back – Neck training at home (exercises, technique, training programs)
Nutrition and training
Example PACKAGE:
Preparation for the company run 3 to 6 months:
Individual training program for each employee: (Beginner / Average / Advanced)
Seminar in your company: running for beginners; (Basic technique, training programs, muscle training and stretching), back – neck training at home; (Exercises, technique, exercise programs), nutrition and training;

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