You are trying to lose fat or get in better shape but you gained some weight in holidays. Now you feel bad about it and you are starting to eat healthier, drink less alcohol and workout more.

If this is you, listen very carefully.

If you feel like this is happening to you year after year, maybe you should try something different.

If you are not willing to effort to live healthier life, you might try some quick fix with detox, fitness tea or with some other magic cream what is promising you to lose your weight you gained in holidays.They promise you to lose weight in short time. If you are willing not to eat any real food for next weeks, I am sure you will lose some weight. But I am sorry to tell you that it is not fat what you are losing. It will not solve your problem.

Other option is to punish yourself for eating too much in holidays. You are motivated to workout, eat better and not drinking at all alcohol. You think that this time you will finally make that big change in your life. Then February comes. It is all over. Motivation gone. No big results. Time to give up.

This is most common way.

But listen, there is another way.

This is real story of one my Online Clients. It is not some glamorous lost 15 kilos in 12 weeks story, it is honest story from real life.

Karen tried literally everything. Never saw some real results. This year was different. She did not lose any weight in holidays. BUT difference for past years was that she did not gain any weight. She made her workout also during holidays what never happened before. She did eat more than usually and had relaxing holidays and accepted that now there is time to maintain with her weight loss goals. Now there is no need to start all over again as she never stopped.

Not all success is measured by scale. Karen is finally happy with herself and not worried about holidays.

That is real life success.

That is huge step forward creating new lifestyle

Weight Loss Coach